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Gospel Promo (UK) specialises in digital marketing and video production, helping to share your vision worldwide. Today, video is the most effective way to market your music. Research shows repeated viewing of video advertising is proven to raise awareness leading to brand recognition, putting your music at the forefront of consumer minds.

On Facebook, we’ll produce a free video ad, especially designed for effective audience targeting to showcase your project. We use edge ranking optimisation to boost shares, comments and likes, leveraging our huge reach, ensuring your video gets maximum exposure from real people.

Get your free Video Ad today! – Email: videos@gospelvideos.co.uk

Using our video marketing expertise, we’ll showcase your music in a month-long campaign helping you reach up to 10,000 people. Your videos will be targeted to the right people ensuring you get maximum engagement with your video.

We can also mail out to over 100 gospel media contacts including TV, Radio, Charts, events, awards and festivals to get you more gigs and appearances.

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Facebook Promo – Only 39.99 GBP (Reach up to 10,000)
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Reach up to 10,000 people

Visit: Facebook/GospelPromoUk

Email: videos@gospelvideos.co.uk

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